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Necessity Sense

Created in 2015. Necessity Sense is a menswear contemporary label that aims to impact beyond garments by storytelling an unique perspective on unspoken cultural issues.

A modern day propaganda.

Is the mission statement for the brand. Every collection has hidden details and meaning that tributes to specific group of subcultural audience in order to energize and to unite them. To bring a positive force into these issues. We host an art installation every season to raise cultural awareness and work with suitable charity or organization to provide both our financial and physical support. At the end of the day, the brand desires to use garments as powerful tools to create positive momentum for cultural movement.

Necessity Sense's aesthetics is influenced by the mix of western modernization and eastern traditions. Since the founders were born and raised in religious Taiwanese family, bounded in strict but orderly Japanese education system. And eventually broadened perspectives in the free state of America.

The brand is a showcase of their style through the diverse experiences. The classic Necessity Sense style often features long modernized coat with reinterpretation silhouettes of Chinese monk wear and vintage Japanese uniforms. The collection is always formed organically through memories and encountering, while using a zen perspective as the focal point to refer to cultural issues. It is often designed through looks and not individual garments. So the authentic essence of the cultural issues can be represented correctly.

Constantly creating buzz and executing unexpected things to create attentions have been the x-factor for the brand. In this modern era, a brand can no longer make collections that follow the traditional fashion schedule. Therefore, we have expanded ourselves to create small monotonic capsule in between season to increase duration for the brand's attention. These capsule collections will consist of our best selling pieces in new take.

In addition, since most of our garments are managed and constructed authentically in our own studio. We have the ability to create custom and exclusive garments for international and local artists.